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Covid-19 Collection

I know what it’s like.


To be isolated

Have the rug pulled from under you

Face mortality

Not be able to distract yourself

Be confined (with very little money)

Reinvent your business

Realise you’re in a toxic relationship

To not have physical touch

Try to find certainty where there is none

Be separated from family

Be worried that something as simple as grocery shopping could harm someone you care about

Look for answers where there aren’t any

Plan for the future that is completely uncertain

Be forced to face your demons

Have depression

Have anxiety

Question Everything.


And then to find a way through to a life of genuine contentment, health and happiness.


I’ve been sitting here feeling completely mixed emotions. On the one hand a big part of me wants to lock myself in my room, eat junk food and binge watch bad TV until all of this is over.


But I can’t do that.


Partly because I’ve already eaten all my junk food....


And partly because I know what you’re going through.


I’ve already lived this nightmare and found my way through.


Waking up today I know every failed relationship, bad decision and expensive “lesson” finally makes sense.


Because for many people this is the first time experiencing such an incredible period of uncertainty.


For me this is about implementing the map and tools I learned over all the years before.


The ones we will all need to release, reset and rebuild in the new world we are now facing.


As many of you know I’ve been working on my book and a collection of online programs in the background for awhile now.


April was actually already going to be the month I spend predominantly at home hitting record on the ones that are left to do.


For me lockdown means no FOMO while I get on with business as usual.


So given I am one of the lucky ones, instead of wallowing I’m going to see this as an even greater opportunity to support you.


If you can related to any of the things listed above, then chances are there is a program in my Aligned Future Collection that might help.


I’ve also created a COVID-19 Collection with videos, templates, articles and many more tools specifically focused on getting us through this period in our lives.


Usually my self study programs are all individually priced and you can buy just the ones that you need.


But I’ve decided if you buy the Covid-19 Collection or any self study program in April, you have the option of paying once off payment of $49 and I’ll give you access to the entire self study Aligned Future Collection for free.


This includes programs on Relationships, Business, Wealth, Health and more.


And For those who want the really deep stuff, I also have my private client library with loads of raw recordings, tools and trainings that accompany my 1:1 coaching. Usually only available once you’re working with me, but there is so much essential info in there to help with what we’re facing right now, for this month I’m opening it up to everyone for just $199 for anyone who has been affected by Covid19.


I also fully respect that some people haven’t had their cashflow affected at all, for some it has gone up and for others even these prices seem a little too much. So I also have a Covid Karma option for donations. Pay what you can now and if it’s less than the purchase prices then please pay that gap forward later when you are ready.


I’m going to continue to create, and I consider it a privilege to be able to serve. So whatever works for you works for me.


How we handle ourselves through this crisis is how we will be remembered. As a generation, as a country, as a business, as a person.


I for one see the beauty in all of us coming together. In the recognition we truly are all connected. Scattered far apart but at our core we are all one.


I trust the tools in the Aligned Future Collection will help you see things that way too.



Stay safe, stay well. Love you 💕💕