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Every relationship can be improved by understanding the essential fundamentals of what it takes to make it full of love, passion and commitment to a great future together.


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Should We?

Learn how every relationship CAN be saved, and why not every relationship SHOULD be...

7 Key Love

Learn the 7 Key Fundamentals to build upon to ensure ANY relationship can go the distance

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Step by Step activities to not just understand WHAT needs to change but HOW to integrate the fundamentals

Relationship Essentials

All relationships take work...make sure yours is a Labour of Love


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With 1 in 3 Marriages ending in divorce, and even higher numbers for long term relationships that never made it official, if you’ve had that moment of wondering how did things get off track then relationships Essentials is for you.

Maintaining a strong, loving relationship is not for the faint hearted. It takes time and effort and a willingness to take the good with the bad and the downright ugly.

No matter who you are or what stage your relationship is at, there are some simple principles to keep in mind which will help you to maintain you relationship, strengthen your relationship and even possibly bring it back from the brink of despair.

The activities in the Relationship Essentials toolbox are intended to support this process.

This is not about a quick fix, magic wand guaranteed to suddenly make everything perfect again, this is about having the tools to know how to change what needs to be changed and do the work to reconnect with your love

All great relationships begin with a willingness to understand the communication and love strategies of your partner so that you can work together to create a lasting and fulfilling friendship and passionate love. 

It is not about getting it right, it is about getting back to what matters most and building a life from there.

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